The Best Flowers for the Florida Summer Heat

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May 18, 2017

When the Florida heat becomes too much to handle, it doesn’t mean you can’t still have beautiful flowers to enjoy in your own yard.

Check out this list of beautiful flowers and plants that can with stand the summer heat and rain here in Florida:

  • Summer is the perfect time for hanging baskets consisting of heart-leaf philodendron, pothos, hoya, Boston fern, English ivy, and syngonum. These baskets grow best when they are in full-sun locations. Enjoy these beautiful baskets by hanging them on your front porch.
  • Daylilies are a beautiful flower to add to your landscape; they’re sure to stand the heat and show off their beautiful colors. To make sure you get the most out of your daylilies, choose a sunny area, sandy soil, and keep them moist. 
  • Gerbera daisies are easy to grow in Florida. They are best when grown from the seed, in moist ground, and when fed lightly every four to six weeks. 
  • Cora and Nirvana Vinca are colorful flowers that are known to resist the heat, drought, and pest and have a long blooming season, too. 
  • The melampodium, also known as the Butter Daisy, is a popular summer annual in Florida. This small yellow flower is known for blossoming in the tropics and producing blooms throughout the summer. 
  • The wishbone flower starts to bloom early in the hottest season of the year, and will last through fall. But although wishbone flowers love the heat, they also need to stay well watered. Like philodendrons, wishbone flowers also are often found in hanging baskets. 
  • Provence Blue Lavender is the ideal flower for the Florida sun, too. It’s known to withstand high temperatures and love lots of sunshine. These perennials grow up to two feet high, and can be identified by their blue spikes and long green stems. 

Keeping a beautiful landscape throughout the Florida summer doesn’t have to leave you wilting with frustration. Follow these tips and bloom where you are planted.

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